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Los Angeles Lakers vs. LA Clippers: Showdown of Betting Odds At NBA

Los Angeles Lakers vs. LA Clippers

The stakes are pretty high of the NBA betting odds of Los Angeles Lakers (49-14) and LA Clippers (44-20) at the opening night of NBA’s season reboot. The Lakers and Clippers will take each other on at 9 p.m. ET from Florida. The Lakers and the Clippers play at the Pacific Division of the Western Conference.

Despite a 2-1 win against the Lakers at the regular season, the Clippers entered the game of the season’s reboot as a mid-range underdog, in the opinion of the BetMGM odds-makers. The odds-makers have a bet of $100 to win $180 on the Clippers, and the line seems to be moving, as the Clippers were positioned at +155 yesterday.

The odds-makers have their eyes on their favorite team that is the Los Angeles Lakers, and according to them, the Lakers have a higher probability of lifting the prize of the NBA Championship. With a bet of $223 to win $100, the Lakers are currently positioned at +223 from their previous position at -189, which indicates an immense leap of improvement in the score.

A newbie to the world of sports betting might find it challenging to understand the jargon of odds-making. The position of the Clippers at +180 exhibits an implied odds of 35.71% or 9/5 fractional odds of winning the match against the Lakers. Upon pulling the upset win, the LA Clippers will be able to yield a profit of $18 for every bet of $10. On the other hand, the Lakers were positioned at +223, which means that the Lakers have a whopping probability of 69.04% to win the NBA Championship game.

The stats tabulated below reveal the betting position, spreads, and probability of wins and losses of the two teams, Los Angeles Lakers and LA Clippers.

Parameters Los Angeles Lakers LA Clippers
Moneyline -223 +180
Spread -4.5 (-115) +4.5 (-106)
Over/Under Total: 216.5 points Over -139 Under +115
First half moneyline -189 +155
Race to 25 points -182 +130
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