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NJ’s Digital Poker Operators Make Big-ticket Profits for May

NJ's Digital Poker Operators Make Big-ticket Profits for May

The month of May is associated with a surge in online gaming in the state of New Jersey. Reviving their promotions, NJ’s WSOP operated by the software 888poker in association with NJ’s BetMGM will contribute to the advantage of New Jersey’s players.

This advancement of profits by two prominent state gaming operators will be a bonus for players this May 2021. BetMGM is promoting high-qualitative gaming slot championships and on-ground physical dealer games. As for WSOP, they have branded themselves as a state-secured and constitutional poker operator online.

NJ’s BetMGM keeping itself on trend with the May 4th Star Wars festivities, will provide players with themed profits valid on that day. Players who opt for cash games on US Network’s partypoker on May 4th will be rewarded exclusive bonuses and cash of $109 every day for a $10,000 championship.

Keeping up with the gaming festivities of New Jersey, WSOP will enter an advanced tournament bonus-bonanza mode. One of their key offerings for the gaming community this month will take place at 5 PM on selected days: Tuesday, Saturday, and Sunday. On these allotted days, WSOP will offer gamers cash in the form of prize drops on a chance basis during the tournament, and players will avail the rewards for additional profits for simply participating.

For players who choose the Fast Cash by BetMGM, $50 will be credited to their respective accounts. This amount can be used for a period of 15 days. For every 100iRPs garnered, the player has to shed out $5.

NJ’s WSOP will award gamers of the tournament with a system known as May Reload. This offer will be available on May 8th, 2021, for players to benefit from. Players will have the probability of a 100% reload deposit with this feature by WSOP.

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